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academics at IAIA


Art has always been the path to higher expression, forever changing those who create it and those affected by its creation. With this in mind, IAIA has always championed and encouraged students to explore their creative instincts while allowing their inner voice, their inner eye and their hearts and minds to see familiar and traditional techniques as embarkation points for all that is to follow.

IAIA’s expansive academic program invites those who accept it to throw off the conventional.  To not be bound by traditional stereotypes and familiar and, therefore, comfortable and traditional modes. IAIA’s mission is endowing each student with the freedom to see and accept creativity as a constantly expanding, ever changing and continually challenging expression of what is new, bold and experimental.

By setting their own artistic standards, our students become enmeshed in a process that allows them to find their own voices. That allows them to satisfy their inner understanding of artistic self-acceptance while they forge new directions of expression.

As the very notion and execution of contemporary American Indian art continues to evolve, we are preparing new generations of artists and new forms of artistic expression emboldened by the opportunities an emerging art form allows.

At IAIA, academics are the keystone of our overarching mission to “impart broad knowledge and skills to Native Americans through higher education, academic outreach and lifelong learning.”

Our Native-centered curriculum is designed to bring out the best in you. To build your skills.  To free your mind and release your spirit.

Our staff is dedicated to honoring our shared culture and traditions while ushering in a new generation of writers, artists and leaders willing and able to extend the boundaries of expression.

At IAIA, you’ll learn how exciting and rewarding learning can be when it’s taught with a spirit of excitement by an exceptional faculty.  Open your mind, put away your pre-conceptions and uncover the potential within you.