IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

English and Math Placement

IAIA provides placement tests to help ensure that students are prepared to succeed in college-level English and Math courses. Students will be preregistered according to their submitted placement scores. Student may take the Accuplacer Exam in the Learning Support Center to attempt to place in a higher level of English or Math. Transfer students who have passed equivalent College Math and English Composition courses with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better at an accredited college are exempt from the placement tests.

Depending on the student’s placement test score, the student may be given the opportunity to test out of English 101 by taking the CLEP test at her/his own expense at a certified College Testing Center.

Transfer students who have not successfully completed appropriate Math and English courses with a grade of “C” or better may not register for classes until they have completed the necessary placement tests at the Learning Support Center.

Students will be placed in either 098, 099-level or college-level Math and English courses based on their placement test scores. Students who are required to take 098 or 099 Math and/or 098 or 099 English courses must take these courses in their first year at IAIA. Grades and credits earned in 098 and 099 courses do not apply to a student’s AA/AFA or BA/BFA degree and are not used in calculating grade point averages.

Developmental or remedial courses taken at other institutions are not transferable to IAIA.

Regardless of their placement, students are required to take English composition courses in sequence beginning in their first semester at IAIA.

Note: While 098 and 099 courses count toward dorm residence requirements and full-time status at IAIA, some funding agencies do not consider 098 and 099 courses part of a full-time load when determining eligibility for funds. Students who enroll for 098 and/or 099 course(s) may need to register for credits beyond the required 098 and/or 099 course(s); contact the Financial Aid Office for clarification of course load requirements for financial aid.