IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts



Course registration takes place in August for the Fall semester and January for the Spring and Summer semesters. Pre-registration for currently enrolled students occurs in November for the following Spring and Summer semesters and April for the following Fall semester. The registration process starts with a meeting between a student and his/her advisor to plan the student’s course of study for the upcoming semester. Questions about the course of study can be directed to a student’s advisor first and then referred to the Registrar if necessary.


During their first year, students are assigned a faculty advisor to assist them with their course selections and to monitor their academic progress. The academic advising program also provides information about academic policies and procedures, educational programs and additional resources.

After the first year, the Registrar assigns each student to a faculty advisor within the student’s major. A student may request to be assigned to a specific faculty advisor by obtaining permission from the requested advisor, notifying the previous advisor of the change, and filing a written Change of Academic Advisor Form with the Registrar.

Students share in the responsibility of ensuring that their academic needs are met, and are expected to read the college catalog and to know the degree requirements for graduation.


The official course schedule is published each semester for the following semester. It is available in the student database system Empower and is also published as a hardcopy.