IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Credit Hour Definition

45 hours of work during the semester are required for each credit hour.

1 credit =    45 hours of work
2 credits =  90 hours of work
3 credits = 135 hours of work
4 credits = 180 hours of work
5 credits = 225 hours of work
6 credits = 270 hours of work

Work includes time in class as well as the time outside of scheduled course time that is required to complete course assignments.


When a course may be taken for variable credit, the exact number of credits to be taken must be listed at the time of registration and cannot be changed during the semester.


Students may enroll in any given course for credit or for audit only if they have met the prerequisite(s) for that course. Students who enroll for audit attend classes but are not required to complete assignments and receive neither a grade nor credit. Courses that are audited cannot be used to satisfy a prerequisite or co-requisite.