IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Use of Photographic Reproductions of Student Art Work

IAIA requests that students consider allowing IAIA to use photographic reproductions of their artwork for educational and/or promotional purposes when no direct revenues are generated. Such purposed include, but are not limited to, use by faculty or staff in class presentations, the creation of image databases for library collections, assessment of student progress, graphics used on the IAIA website, production of the IAIA catalog, brochures, posters and promotional materials distributed by IAIA.

If IAIA produces a product that includes photographic reproductions of student artwork and generates revenue, a fee will be paid to the student. Such products may include, but are not limited to, posters, calendars, books and CD-ROM products. Students will be asked to sign a release, giving approval to IAIA to use photographic reproductions for various non-revenue generating purposes. The release will list several categories for consideration.