IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Block Schedule

Block Schedule for BFA in Cinematic Arts and Technology

125 Credits

A block schedule helps students stay on track toward successful completion of their degree by indicating clearly which courses they would ideally enroll in each semester. By following the block schedule for each semester’s course enrollment, students are assured of taking their requirements in sequence and completing their degree in a timely manner.

First Semester  
LIBS103 First Year Seminar 2
ENGL 098/099/101 3*
MATH 098/099/101 or 103 or 104 3*
TECH101 Technology Basics for College 3
HEAL Health/Wellness Elective 1
CINE101 Intro to Cinematic Arts & Tech 3
First Semester Total Credits


Second Semester  
ENGL 099/101/102 3*
ENGL 100 The Art of Public Speaking 3
MATH 099/102 or 103 or 104 3*
LIBS111 or ARTS101 or LIBS 121,122,123 3*
LIBS104 ePortfolio 1
CINE105 What is a Story? 3
FUND111 or PHOT121 Drawing I or Intro to Photography 3
Second Semester Total Credits

Third Semester  
ENGL 101/102 3
IDST101 Intro to Indigenous Studies 3
CINE110 Moving Images I 3
CINE120 Sound I 3
CINE205 Screenwriting I 3
ARTH220 World Cinema I 3
Third Semester Total Credits

Fourth Semester  
CINE210 Moving Images II 3
CINE230 Indigenous Media 3
CINE250 Acting 3
Any science with lab 3
ARTH230 World Cinema II 3
Fourth Semester Total Credits

Fifth Semester  
CINE260 Dome Production 3
CINE305 Screenwriting II 3
CINE330 Documentary Theory & Production 3
CINE345 Visual Effects & Compositing 3
Any supportive arts elective 3
HEAL Health/Wellness Elective 1
Fifth Semester Total Credits

Sixth Semester  
CINE230 Animation I 3
CINE310 Moving Images III 3
CINE370 Business of Movies 3
CINE Supportive arts elective 3
ARTH260 American Indians in Cinema 3
Sixth Semester Total Credits

Seventh Semester  
CINE335 Broadcast Technology 3
CINE390 Internship 3
CINE470 Senior Project I 3
CINE Supportive arts elective 3
Any Art History course 3
Seventh Semester Total Credits

Eighth Semester  
CINE410 Advanced Production Tutorial 3
CINE489 Senior Project II 6
CINE Supportive Arts Elective 3
Eighth Semester Total Credits 12