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Quantum Physics and Traditional Knowledge Video»

Physicist, Phil Duran, discusses how his quest to realize his Native Tigua heritage set him on a path of linking quantum physics with the Indian world.

Coming Into Balance Symposium, March 2007.

Keywords: Traditional knowledge, identity, Ysleta, energy, matter, spirit

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On the Path of Our Ancestors Video»

Lilikalā Kame’eleihiwa (Hawaiian) PhD, on learning the Hawaiian language and how that set her on a path of what she calls “trying to learn things the colonizers said we shouldn’t learn.”

Keywords: Traditional knowledge, hula, identity, canoe, science, celestial navagation, chant, Coming Into Balance

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Survival of the People Comes First, Then Yourself Video»

Traditional Ojibwa Herbalist, Yako Tahnahga (Mohawk/Taino), on the responsibility of learning traditional knowledge and being accountable to yourself in learning the teachings.

Keywords: Grandmother, medecine, survival, spirituality, Coming Into Balance

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Experience as the Basis of Learning and Knowledge Video»

Physicist, Phil Duran, talks about how the simple act of gardening provides an opportunity for experiential learning, which he describes as “learning from the earth.”

Keywords: Traditional knowledge, gardening, ants, Coming Into Balance

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Healing Postcolonial Trauma through Mentorship and Time Spent with Elders Video»

Traditional Ojibwa Herbalist, Yako Tahnahga (Mohawk/Taino), talks about working with her people and community to give them opportunities to experience the ways of the ancestors and to be able to dream and to vision in a good way.

Keywords: Healing, colonization, elders, medecine, mentor, urban, Coming Into Balance

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