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Our Responsibility to Native Youth Video»

Larry Emerson (Diné) PhD, speaks on the responsibility he feels to help Native youth achieve their dreams and to honor their vision of the future.

Keywords: Boarding school, justice, traditional knowledge, technology, Coming Into Balance

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Communities and Traditional Knowledge Video»

Ethnobotonist, Donna House (Diné/Oneida), talks about traditional knowledge in Native communities and approaches to accessing that knowledge.

Keywords: Stories, land, boarding school, hiking, plant knowledge, cottonwood, Coming Into Balance

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The Connection Between our Bodies and the Environment Video»

Ethnobotonist, Donna House (Diné/Oneida), shares traditional ways of looking at the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy world.

Keywords: Health, environment, traditional knowledge, community, Coming Into Balance

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Floodwater Irrigation Video»

Steve Wall (White Earth Chippewa), Chair of Indigenous Liberal Studies at IAIA, recalls farming by floodwater irrigation and being dependent on the monsoon rains and the cycles of the earth, and how that changed when his family could afford to drill a well.

Keywords: Agriculture, Tohono O'odham, Memoire, Coming Into Balance

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The 14th Time Period and Celestial Navigation Video»

According to Lilikalā Kame’eleihiwa (Hawaiian) PhD, the Kumulipo is the cosmogonic genealogy of the Hawaiian people. Made up of 16 time periods, the prayer is how Hawaiian people see the night and day organized.

Keywords: Celestial navigation, Orion, stars, Pleiades, hemispheres, equator, North Star, Coming Into Balance

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