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Teaching from an Indigenous Perspective Video»

Steve Wall (White Earth Chippewa), Chair of Indigenous Liberal Studies at IAIA, answers the question of what it means to teach from an Indigenous perspective.

Keywords: Education, history, agriculture, Western, science, ecology, traditional knowledge, bees, technology, Coming Into Balance

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Spirit, Cosmology, and Science Video»

Physicist Phil Duran points out that taking the spirit and cosmology out of science is a relatively new Western way of looking at the world.

Keywords: Aristotle, Einstein, Greek, Western, Coming Into Balance

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Pele and Hi’iaka Video»

Lilikalā Kame’eleihiwa (Hawaiian) PhD, summarizes the story of Pele, the Fire Goddess, and Hi’iaka, and how Pele brings her family to Hawaii. Kame’eleihiwa questions why we aren’t studying those epics in school.

Keywords: Story, epic, literature, Kumulipo, cosmology, education, identity, Coming Into Balance

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Finding Balance in Mixed Blood Video»

Traditional Ojibwa Herbalist, Yako Tahnahga (Mohawk/Taino), speaks about her mixed heritage and the importance she’s found embracing the wholeness of who she is.

Keywords: Identity, race, mixed blood, youth, Coming Into Balance

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