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Jeff Kahm

Jeff Kahm

Jeff Kahm. Photo by Julien McRoberts.

Jeff Kahm (Plains Cree) is a member of the Studio Arts Faculty teaching primarily painting and drawing courses.


Jeff holds an AFA from IAIA, a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from the University of Alberta.

Major Professional Activities

As an artist, Jeff continues to make art in his Santa Fe studio. His creative work ranges from non-objective painting and experimental photography. His large-scale projects combine photographic imagery and painting that often allude to an architectural vernacular. His commitment to experimentation also includes reverse painting on plexi, where on a conceptual level, the synthesis of Native motifs, geometric abstraction and mechanical surface suggest the impact of technological change on culture.

Teaching Statement

“Recognizing the unique and creative potential of each student is paramount, and my responsibility is to establish high goals with them as they consider careers in the visual arts.”


Jeff Kahm
Studio Arts IAIACore Faculty
Work Phone: (505) 424-2369
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