IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Courses and Workshops

Fall 2011 Digital Dome Production I

Get in on the cutting-edge of this new technology while learning how to use the DigitalSky software. Create panorama and fisheye images. Learn the history, present and future, of the digital dome. This course requires a willingness to experiment, research, take risk, and break new ground. From the basics of how to place a still image on the dome to exploring and experimenting with storytelling, installation and art. Students can work with the dome in various positions utilizing its unique ability to articulate. A public showing of work is required as a part of the final project.


Spring 2012 Creating for the Dome

Learn how your art can be showcased on the new digital dome. In this colloquia we will look at various examples of previously created content for the dome to include: computer generated moving images, gigapixel still images, panoramas, and a painting come to life. Students will experiment with placing their work on the dome and creating hemispheric images to utilize the dome’s shape.