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Academic Technology Resources & Distance Education

The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) is expanding its course and program offerings into the new technologies available via distance learning. Through a partnership with IDEAL New Mexico, IAIA Online will be utilizing the Blackboard Learning Management System and various integrated learning tools. This is part of an overall effort by the State of New Mexico to make the highest quality online learning resources available to all New Mexicans.

Academic Technology Resources & Distance Education at IAIA is available through degree-offering and staff-development programs, as well as the various training programs provided by the Center for Lifelong Education. The Blackboard Online environment is being supplemented with a content capture system to deliver course content that is enhanced by various media intended to enrich the online experiences.

Online Certificate Programs Available

Business & Entrepreneurship

Museum Studies

Native American Art History

Additional courses are available in Art History, Arts Management, Web Design, and Indigenous Studies.

For more information about Academic Technology Resources & Distance Education at IAIA, contact Donna Harrington at 505-428-5814.

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Photo of  Donna Harrington
Donna Harrington Director IAIABusiness, Entrepreneurship, Academic Technology, & Distance Programs
Work Phone: 505.428.5814
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Stephen Fadden Distance Education Resources Coordinator IAIAAcademic Technology & Distance Education
Home Phone: (505) 424-5713
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Russel Stolins Instructional Design and ePortfolio Coordinator. IAIAAcademic Technology & Distance Education
Work Phone: (505) 424-5797
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Mats Reiniusson Digital Dome & Production Resources Manager IAIAAcademic Technology & Distance Education
Work Phone: 505.424.2349
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Joseph "Seph" Turnipseed Academic Technology & Production Resources Technician IAIAAcademic Technology & Distance Education
Work Phone: (505) 424-5729
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Minimum Technical Requirements for Online Courses

To complete an online degree program or take courses completely from your home computer, your computer system will need to meet some basic minimum requirements to be able to use Blackboard, our online learning management system.It is the student’s responsibility to meet minimum technical requirements.


  • Computer less than 5 years old
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS X
  • Video: SVGA monitor, minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
  • Internet speed:Broadband connection
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE): JRE v1.6.x or higher
  • JavaScript: Enabled Cookies: Enabled
  • Microsoft Silverlight Adobe Reader
  • Word Processing Software that can save to Word .docx file format(Microsoft Office for PC or Mac, Open Office, etc.)

Supported Browsers

Click here for a list of supported browsers. The link will open in a new tab or window.

If you have questions, contact dharrington@iaia.edu.