IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts


Internships place students within existing organizations to learn directly from fellow employees, volunteers, clients and others. Internships provide valuable hands-on real world opportunities for student learning to deepen and strengthen classroom instruction and prepare students for professional careers in their chosen fields.

Students report to workplace supervisors and fulfill workplace expectations to receive academic credit. All students keep a journal to document their learning. They will write a final reflective paper. Workplace supervisors will complete an evaluation form commenting on student’s learning in the workplace.

Over their four years, students may enroll in two levels of internships for variable credit. Students may enroll in 1 to 6 credit internships.

Internship I 290 (Prerequisite: 2nd year standing)

Internship II 490 (Prerequisite: 3rd year standing)

Internships are available in the following programs:
MUSM290, MUSM490 Museum Studies-for work in galleries or museums

ARTS290, ARTS490 Studio Arts-for work in galleries and arts organizations any of the following prefixes may be used:


IDST290, IDST490 Indigenous Studies-for work in tribal organizations and institutions serving Native peoples. ASG officers may choose to receive internship credit for their work.

NMAD290, NMAD490 New Media Arts-for work in graphic design, web design or moving image media

CRWR290, CRWR490 Creative Writing-for work in publications, public relations, publishing, journalism, theater or performing arts organizations.

“My Museum Studies internship at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City changed my life. I saw the world as I had never seen it before. It inspired me to attend New York University for my graduate program which set me on a successful path for my career.”

“I worked for four years at the Museum of Contemporary Native Art while I was a student. This is IAIA’s museum in downtown Santa Fe. I met people from all over the world as I learned how to become a spokesperson for Native American art and artists.”

Download the internship form (.pdf)