IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Introduction to Programs

At IAIA, academics are an adventure. They are meant to educate, to inform, to stretch you. They are meant to help you discover the world outside and the one inside you. They seek to draw out your talents and help you build a solid foundation for all the creative endeavors to follow. Our Native-centered belief is that cultural self-knowledge is imperative to living and working from a spiritual center. This is where great leadership, great art and great talent emerge.

All great adventures require great effort, hard work, demanding tasks, but they offer great rewards in return. At IAIA, we know the journey to your full potential can be the greatest one of all.

IAIA offers numerous academic programs designed to inform, educate, enrich, and fill your academic and personal needs and goals.


Associate Degrees

Associate’s degrees are two-year degree programs which require the completion of a minimum of 65 credit hours. IAIA offers:

Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degrees:

Associate of Arts (AA) Degrees:

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor’s degrees are four-year degree programs requiring admission to the Bachelor’s program and the completion of a minimum of 125 credit hours. IAIA offers:

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees:

Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees:


Students may also elect to take a minor. Minors may require between 15 and 24 credits. IAIA offers minors in:

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs require one-year study and 24 credits. IAIA offers a certificate programs in:

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Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) degree: