IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Assessment and ePortfolio

IAIA’s commitment to student learning includes helping students document and reflect on their growth as creative artists and critical thinkers.  Our ePortfolio system contributes to student learning and to our critical assessment and improvement of learning by serving as a repository of student work completed in their required courses.

Students can upload text, images and audio or video files as educational artifacts of their fulfillment of class assignments and projects.  The electronic portfolio becomes a record from their first year through graduation of their creative and scholarly development.

The ePortfolio system is introduced to students in LIBS 104 Freshman Seminar II.  They become familiar with its computing systems and with the College Learning Outcomes.  They upload required materials from courses.  It is also used as part of the review process of moving the first year program into the student’s chosen major field of study.  Each major program requires specific materials to be uploaded for this formal review process.  See major programs for details.

Finally, ePortfolio serves our learning outcome assessment program to review and improve all of our academic programs in a continuous fashion.

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