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Jeminie Shell

Jeminie Shell is the Retention Director at IAIA.


Jeminie holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Yale University and a joint M.A. in International Studies and Environment & Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming.  Her graduate work focused on global public health topics, including social and environmental justice in post-conflict communities.

Major Professional Activities

Jeminie came to IAIA in September of 2012.  Prior to that, she worked at Ilisagvik College in Barrow, Alaska, as the Persistence and Retention Facilitator and Project Director for the Walmart-AIHEC Student Success Collaborative.  Some of her other recent professional activities have included working as a Research Assistant for a participatory women’s empowerment project in Sierra Leone, and for a public health organization in Liberia.  She has taught or co-taught college courses in several disciplines, and given public presentations on a variety of public health and human rights-related subjects.  Her photo essay on social justice issues in Liberia has been exhibited in multiple locations around Wyoming and was featured at the 2009 Shepard Symposium on Social Justice.

At IAIA, Jeminie coordinates several programs designed to support students toward college success:

  • Coordinator of the Learning Lab, responsible for Learning Specialist (tutor) hiring, training, and scheduling, and program assessment.
  • Coordinator of the Early Alerts and Excessive Absences programs, which connects students with academic and personal resources on campus to help support student success; program assessment.
  • Coordinator of Faculty Advising Program development
  • Oversight of Accuplacer testing

She enjoys working with students of all backgrounds, and believes strongly in education as a powerful tool for personal and community transformation.

She invites all students, faculty, and staff to visit her in the Student Success Center.


Jeminie Shell
Retention Director IAIAStudent Success Center (SSC)
Work Phone: 505.424.5707
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