IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Student Accounts

Student Financial Responsibility Policy

It is the policy of IAIA to provide educational programs, room and board, and social opportunities for students at a cost compatible with its unique mission and high quality standards. IAIA strives to make all charges and fees clear and well known. Each student is responsible for knowing and understanding these charges and fees and for meeting his/her financial responsibilities to IAIA on time. IAIA understands that most students receive financial assistance from third parties, including their tribes and the federal government; however, the ultimate responsibility for satisfying his/her financial obligations to IAIA is the student’s.

A student’s failure to meet his/her financial obligation has a negative impact on IAIA and the IAIA community. Accordingly, IAIA has adopted the following terms and conditions regarding payment of IAIA tuition, fees and charges:

  1. Payment of tuition, fees, room and board charges are due and payable at the time of registration.
  2. A student may be dropped from classes or removed from IAIA housing if a check issued to IAIA for payment is returned for nonpayment. The unpaid balance of tuition and fees, plus a $30.00 returned check charge, will be become due and payable immediately.
  3. Any student finishing the semester without paying all amounts due to IAIA will be prohibited from registering for any additional classes at IAIA, from obtaining, receiving or sending transcripts, from graduating, and from receiving any other IAIA administrative services.
  4. If a student’s enrollment at IAIA is terminated for any reason, the unpaid balance of tuition and fees shall be due and payable immediately.
  5. If a student has a schedule change (e.g., dropping or changing classes) that results in a refund being due, the refund will first be applied to any unpaid balance owed to IAIA, including but not limited to amounts owed on any promissory note(s) to IAIA.
  6. Students scheduled to live in IAIA housing must have their accounts in good standing by the first day of the semester. Good standing means the student’s room, board, tuition and other fees are paid in full. Students whose accounts are not in good standing by the first day of the semester are subject to having housing reservations voided and being placed on a waiting list for housing.
  7. Students who fail to meet their financial obligations to IAIA, including but not limited to defaulting on payment of an IAIA promissory note or failing to pay tuition, fees, or charges, may be referred to a collection agency. IAIA may also pursue payment and its rights, including payment of interest and attorneys fees, pursuant to the Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act, 28 U.S.C. § 3001 et seq.

Questions? Contact Student Accounts at 505.424.5732.