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Payments & Refunds


Student Responsibility for Financial Obligations

It is the responsibility of the student to understand his/her financial obligations to IAIA and to ensure that these are paid on a timely basis so as to permit the uninterrupted completion of his/her educational program. The student is responsible for the payment of all charges, including tuition, on-campus room and board, and all fees at the time of registration. A student will not receive transcripts or statements of matriculation until all financial obligations to IAIA are paid in full. A student will not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters until his/her outstanding account has been paid in full (see exemptions below).

Acceptable forms of payment include: cash, check, money order, credit/debit cards. Make a payment via Empower (Student Information System).

Payments can be made in person, by mail, by phone and online (via Empower).

 Third Party Payment

• If parents, guardians or tribal agencies wish to accept responsibility for payment of a student’s charge, then the student must forward a copy of his/her statement to the responsible paying entity or make arrangements with Student Accounts.

• If a student is eligible for financial assistance from a tribe or other agency, and payment from the awarding agency has not been received at the time of registration, the student will be granted a deferment in that amount upon receipt of a signed award letter. A student’s registration may be cancelled if all fees are not paid or a payment plan has not been approved by Student Accounts.

Assistance from IAIA

• Balance Allowances
End of Fall: Student must have their bill paid down to $750. (on-going tolerance between Fall/Spring semesters)
End of Spring:      Student must have their bill paid down to $200. (on-going tolerance between Spring/Fall semesters).
In order to pre-register, students must reach the tolerance by the pre-registration deadline for the upcoming semester.
In order to register, students must reach the tolerance by the drop/add date each semester.

• Monthly Payment Plan
A student whose financial obligation has not been met may be eligible for a payment plan. Payment plans are created on an individual basis by the Student Accounts Office. To be eligible for a payment plan, a student must have no prior outstanding financial obligation to IAIA and must sign a promissory note with Student Accounts Office. Pre-registered students must have a signed “payment plan” in place by the Last Day to ADD/DROP for each term or the student’s registration will be dropped. If the student has been awarded financial aid and the financial aid amount is sufficient to cover the student bill, the Student Accounts Office will be notified by the Financial Aid Office and a payment plan will not be required. If a payment plan is approved, the student must pay his/her balance in full by the last day to register for the upcoming semester or if graduating, by the last day of the Month of the graduating semester. For those students who have pre-registered and still have an outstanding balance due, they must meet with the Student Accounts Office to arrange a payment plan.

• Student Account Credit for Supplies
Eligible students may apply to receive up to a $400 advance per semester to be used for the timely purchase of supplies from the vendors of their choice. Eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office based upon official FAFSA submission and results. Additional information about this advance is available through Student Accounts Office.

Deliquent Accounts

Collection Agency
Pre-approved scholarships, grants and financial aid will be considered as payment for the duration of the semester. If financial aid is not expected by the student then it is the responsibility of the student to sign a promissory note and make monthly payment arrangements. This must be done within the first 30 days a student is registered. Any past due debts exceeding 120 days are considered delinquent accounts and may be sent to a collection agency.


A student who withdraws from the college must complete a withdrawal and check-out form before leaving IAIA. It is the student’s responsibility to submit this form to the Registrar before leaving.  The date on the completed form is the official withdrawal date. Charges and financial aid will be pro-rated based on this form. Any money owed to IAIA must be paid or transcripts will be withheld. Refunds will not be made to students who are dismissed through disciplinary action.

Tuition Refund Policy – Fall/Spring

First week of classes: 90% of tuition refunded
Second week of classes: 80% of tuition refunded
Third week of classes: 70% of tuition refunded
Fourth week of classes: 60% of tuition refunded

After the fourth week of classes no tuition will be refunded

Tuition Refund Policy – Summer

After the second day of classes no tuition will be refunded

Room and Board Refund

If a student withdraws prior to moving into the dorm, room and board will be refunded 100%. Otherwise dorm room and meal plan refunds will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks the student has stayed in the dorm. Any room damage will be deductible

Financial Aid Refund Policy

If a student who is withdrawing received financial aid, a refund will be made according to the refund policy of Title IV Aid. Refunds for Federal Title IV programs shall be made according to the following distribution priority list:

  1. Federal Pell Grant Program
  2. Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Program
  3. State Grants
  4. Tribal Scholarships
  5. IAIA Scholarships
  6. The Student Incentive Grant

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