IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Day in the Life

IAIA is a living, breathing, exciting place to be. You can feel the buzz of a school that is serious about its art and artists, writers and poets, artistic expression, and new media exploration.

Your day can start in our comfortable on-campus housing and quickly move to our gourmet café. You’re in for a delicious surprise.

Classrooms and studios are humming. Art work, class work, learning, expressing, improving, reaching, stretching. And that’s in the classrooms, not our well-equipped on-campus gym.

Things are happening all the time on campus. Cultural things, spiritual things, tribal educational, musical, recreational things. Learning comes in all size, shapes and ways.

Make a friend, meet a friend, learn about yourself and others. Interact, compete, support, enjoy. Life’s good when school’s good.