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The Alumni Relations office is eager to provide valuable resources and tools to assist IAIA graduates.

Alumni can stay connected by visiting our Calendar of Events to find out what’s going on. There are many museum events, lectures by visiting artists, poetry readings and annual events, like our Spring Homecoming Powwow that alumni are always encouraged to attend.

Life After IAIA

Do you need help with finding a path to graduate school or a new career? Resume guides, graduate school information, and information about internships can be found with the help of our Career and Scholarship Advisor in our Admissions, Records and Enrollment department. If you’re looking for a teaching position or interested in working at IAIA, check in with our Human Resources department for a list of available positions. Need a copy of your IAIA transcript? Contact the Admissions, Records and Enrollment department to request a copy.

Keep Us in the Know!

Have you recently moved, or earned a graduate degree, or Ph.D? Has your emailed address changed or do you have a new website you’d like to share with us? Have you published a new book, received an award, have a new job, been elected as a tribal official? Whatever the case may be, we would love to know.


Please contact:

Alumni Relations
IAAInstitutional Advancement
Work Phone: (505) 424-5704
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