Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

October 14-December 31, 2014The Helen Hardin Media Gallery and 2nd Floor Project Space

Bert & Weiwei: TIME 2014

Ongoing through November 14, 2014

A documentary film directed by Daniel Hyde and Blackhorse Lowe. Part of the TIME project, which documents the site-specific land art project by artists Ai Weiwei and Bert Benally. A new media installation as part of Pull of the Moon, a site-specific land art project by artists Ai Weiwei and Bert Benally is featured in the Honor Gallery. Pull of the Moon is part of Navajo TIME (Temporary Installations Made for the Environment), a unique partnership between New Mexico Arts and the Navajo Nation Museum.

Andrea Geyer

Spiral Lands/Chapter 2, 2008

a slide and sound installation in collaboration with SITE Santa Fe, as part of  SITElines: New Perspectives on Art of the Americas

Unsettled Landscapes

Ongoing through December 31, 2014

IAIA MoCNA Second Floor Project Space

Andrea Geyer digs into the complexities of narrative and imagery to consider how they become solidified into history and art. Her series Spiral Lands concerns history’s tendency to repeat itself. Created at a time when American exceptionalism was coloring the invasion of Iraq, for Geyer, the rhetoric justifying the invasion was reminiscent of that of manifest destiny. A work in three parts, Spiral Lands / Chapter 2, replicates an educational setting: slides of Chaco Canyon and Bandelier National Monument click by as a lecture is continuously broadcast  over speakers. The lecture displaces single authorship with a multitude of voices-Native and non-Native alike.