CLE, the Center for Lifelong Education, is a vibrant Center of IAIA that is all about connections. Connections to the past and our community. Connections to each other and the future. Connections to the services we need to make life better today.

At the CLE, we are dedicated to preserving and strengthening the richness and depth of our Indigenous cultures, their wealth of tradition and sovereignty. It is an issue and a duty we are all called upon to address as popular mass culture spreads its sameness across the globe.

In service to the Pueblos, American Indian tribes, and other Indigenous cultures, we are spreading a wealth of educational, cultural, legal, family, agricultural and other vital services throughout the southwest, the nation and beyond.

With a focus on Indigenous education centered around Native American culture, we offer lively, informative, educational and life-enriching conferences, symposia and workshops on everything from wellness to cultural tourism.

We are also a center of connection to a variety of life enrichment and community support services, including:

  • Art and Humanities
  • Culturally-Based Economic Development
  • Culture, Language and Land
  • Education and Youth
  • Family Community and World Development
  • Health and Wellness
  • Law and Justice
  • Leadership and Tribal Governance
  • Technology

Our distance learning opportunities mean that distance from the campus won’t keep you away from learning.

You can be and stay connected from wherever you are. Learning and teaching, sharing wisdom and community, supporting our culture and each other are lifelong journeys, well worth the trip. Stay connected at the CLE.

CLE … Honoring the Past, Preparing for the Future, Enriching the present.