CLE - Center for Lifelong Education


The six goals for this W. K. Kellogg Grant provide a continuing framework of approaches that focuses staff energy, professional services and operational resources to meet tribal and community needs. The goals are to:

  1. Create a sustainable, creative and effective organization
  2. Provide lifelong learning opportunities for Indigenous peoples through a multi-faceted range of educational, training and capacity building offerings
  3. Strengthen tribal outreach, collaborations and extension programming
  4. Establish national and international Indigenous exchange opportunities
  5. Promote Indigenous research and development in the areas of scholarship, Indigenous education, arts, culture, creative enterprise and language
  6. Develop and employ Indigenous best practices and participatory-based evaluation methods to document activities, determine operational success, and impacts of programming and services.

The achievement strategies aligned with each of these six goals are continually enhanced with new activities in nine priority areas of work that are responsive to tribal needs and expectations. We continue to develop positive and proactive relations to collaboratively seek solutions that strengthen tribal and community capacity to respond effectively to social, educational and economic challenges.

Multi-dimensional programs and services in the nine priority areas listed just below support IAIA’s mission and provide assistance to tribes and Native communities to exercise self-determination and sovereignty in major areas of governance and community development.

These priority areas are:

  1. arts and humanities
  2. culturally based economic development
  3. culture, language and land
  4. education and youth
  5. family, community and world development
  6. health and wellness
  7. law and justice
  8. leadership and tribal governance
  9. technology