CLE - Center for Lifelong Education

Priority Areas

Arts and Humanities

CLE is in partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to fund an NEH Scholar-in-residence.  This partnership has provided a Scholar-in-residence for an academic year. CLE is also a co-sponsor with Disney-ABC Television and Buena Vista Motion Pictures to present an annual IAIA Summer Film and Television Workshop for students to become immersed in making films and creative writing.

Culturally-based Economic Development

CLE hosts an Annual Cultural Tourism conference with presentations by experts in economic development and tourism.  Several projects in Native philanthropy and entrepreneurship are also being conducted within various Pueblo communities throughout the state of New Mexico.

Culture, Language and Land

As a 1994 Land Grant institution, CLE offers technical assistance and support for community–based sustainable agriculture programs. CLE collaborates with tribes to strengthen language programs and provide opportunities through language conferences and symposia.

Education and Youth

CLE gives technical assistance and training to revise educational policy and practice.  Technical assistance is also provided for federal and state policy analysis and early childhood programs in conjunction with tribes and the New Mexico Community Foundation.  Training seminars are given on many topics, such as New Mexico education policies and programs affiliated with the Public Education Department.  Relationships have been established with American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) to strengthen capacity and advocacy for Native students in tribal colleges.

Family, Community, and World Development

CLE develops partnerships with Indian communities for cultural exchanges, both nationally and internationally.  The international partnerships established thus far are with South Africa and Mexico.  Workshops and other technical support and outreach have been provided to communities in Botswana, South Africa.  Curanderos from Mexico have come to IAIA for healing festivals held annually.

CLE also collaborates with the Indian Health Service and other institutions of higher learning.  In addition, we have provided communities with technical support to engage in dialogue and education, through conferencing for prevention of youth suicide and other family issues.

Health and Wellness

The Center for Lifelong Education (CLE) collaborates with federal granting agencies, along with New Mexico Pueblo tribes, to build tribal community-based health programming.  CLE also hosts an annual conference focusing on Native health issues, traditional food/nutrition, and physical/emotional well-being.  The IAIA faculty also collaborates with CLE to plan the traditional gardens located on campus, with a focus on sustainability.

Law and Justice

CLE hosts training seminars with experts in the fields of Indian law, policy, and governance.  CLE also provides advocacy and technical assistance in areas of legislative funding acquisition, self-determination in federal and state negotiations.  Additionally, CLE gives sponsorship and facilitation of Equal Voice Town Hall for rural northern New Mexico residents.

Leadership and Tribal Governance

Support from the Marguerite Casey Foundation enables CLE to present tribal training sessions in leadership techniques.  The Marguerite Casey Foundation also provides for training of advocacy in government-to-government relations, traditional governing, policy implementation, and funding opportunities.


CLE has developed distance learning programs that are implemented at area Pueblo schools and community centers.  CLE also has the capability of video conferencing and other technological services.