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New artist-in-residence at the museum has a digital focus»

Santa Fe, NM | Dec 23, 2014 –

Keith Grosbeck doesn’t sit down much. He’s too busy riding his bike between home and a part-time job at the Santa Fe Art Institute, not to mention juggling a host of personal projects.   Maybe his current opportunity to serve some months as a local artist-in-residence at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in downtown Santa […]

A Poet’s Return»

Santa Fe, NM | Dec 23, 2014 –

Joan Naviyuk Kane has three books of poetry to her name: The Cormorant Hunter’s Wife, Hyperboreal, and an untitled collection just sent to her publisher. “I thought I was going to be pre-med,” she says, but a gap year after high school and a fall semester in Porter University Professor Helen Vendler’s freshman seminar, reading […]

Interactive Native Stories Developed at Tribeca Hacks »

Santa Fe, NM | Dec 23, 2014 –

Three teams of storytellers developed innovative projects using technology at Tribeca Hacks <NDN Country>. In partnership with Vision Maker Media, Tribeca Film Institute®, the Institute of American Indian Arts, and New Mexico PBS, the Hackathon featured creative talent from across the U.S., November 21-23, 2014, in Santa Fe, N.M., and focused on Indigenous education, art, […]

Native aesthetic»

Santa Fe, NM | Dec 23, 2014 –

Many artists find inspiration in the natural landscape of Nevada, and it manifests differently depending on medium. Some, like Melissa Melero, (Paiute) incorporate actual elements of the landscape into their art. Melero is a Nevada-based painter and mixed-media artist, whose latest show Numu (Paiute) opened Dec. 4 at ArtSpace on West Second Street. Born in […]

Marcus Amerman»

Santa Fe, NM | Dec 23, 2014 –

Marcus Amerman is a Choctaw bead artist, glass artist, painter, fashion designer, and performance artist, living north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is known for his highly realistic beadwork portraits. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1959 but grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Whitman […]

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