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IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) collections are accessible for research and publication to students, faculty, and staff of IAIA, as well as to scholars and other researchers, on the premises of the IAIA campus only.  In making collection objects available to researchers, priority will be given to the needs of the MoCNA curatorial and exhibition programs.  In all cases, MoCNA seeks to balance requests for access with its mission to preserve the artwork it collects.

Researchers shall be given reasonable access to the collections and assistance with their research. The following conditions shall govern access to the collections:

  • Access to the collections shall be at the discretion of the Curator of Collections
  • Researchers are required to submit a Collection Research request. Download the MoCNA Research Request Form (download file icon, 2.4 MiB)
  • Access for research requires a scheduled appointment(s)
  • Research is subject to supervision by curatorial staff
  • Handling works of art is restricted to curatorial staff
  • Researchers must check all personal effects prior to accessing the collection including all bags
  • Food, drink, gum and all ink are not allowed in the research area
  • Laptops and use of digital cameras are allowed without use of a flash (see restrictions below)
  • Researchers agree to provide a copy of their research and related writings to MoCNA if applicable
  • Researchers agree to give credit to MoCNA in any published research reports
  • The MoCNA collections department reserves the right to decline patron access to works of art that are deemed culturally sensitive, physically fragile, or where copyright or donor restrictions are in place

Non-commercial photography of MoCNA collections is permitted with the permission of MoCNA staff and is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Researchers must submit a Rights & Reproduction Request form prior to use of images from the collection
  • Photographs taken by researchers may not be used for publication or other forms of reproduction without prior approval
  • Under no circumstances may a researcher be left alone in the collection, nor may a work of art from the collection be removed from the MoCNA collection to be photographed without curatorial supervision
  • The MoCNA reserves the right to restrict photography of copyrighted or culturally sensitive collections

To view selected images from the MoCNA permanent collection, click here:  Collection Images

To submit a request, make an appointment or for questions, contact:

Tatiana Lomahaftewa-Singer
Curator of Collections IAIAIAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
Work Phone: (505) 428-5899
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