Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

alumnI alumnUS

May 26 - July 31, 2012

Self-portraiture is a universal theme in art making and a fitting one to celebrate art and the artists who developed their creative talents at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) over the past 50 years.

alumnI alumnUS is a self-reflective exhibition intended to “give face” through personal representation of self and connection to community. To read a news release about the exhibition, click here.

Marcus Amerman | Coleen Bins |Fritz Casuse

Jamison Chas Banks | David Bradley | Corey Garcia

Frank Buffalo Hyde |Cole Cathey | Caroline Carpio

Lemuel Charley | Eugene Cody | Melissa Cody

Rita Iringan | Alex Jacobs | John Joe | Topaz Jones

Courtney M. Leonard | Fran Loretto | Dwayne Manuel Daniel McCoy | Michelle McGeough | Melissa Melero

Linda Lou Metoxen | Da-ka-xeen Mehner | Towanna Miller Jonathan Nelson | Raven Redfox | Charles Rencountre

Alicia Maria Rencountre Da-Silva Recountre | Jack Sabon

Antonio Earl Scott | Rose B. Simpson | Bill Soza Wanesia Spry-Misquadace | James Thomas Stevens

Roxanne Swetnzell | Kathleen Wall | Lisa Ventura Richard Ray Whitman | Kenneth Williams

Lucita Woodis-Junes | Mike Medicine Horse Zillioux

Bill Soza, Self-Portrait, 1969, oil on canvas

Bill Soza, Self-Portrait, 1969, oil on canvas