Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

Mateo Romero: Red Meridian

August 17 - December 31, 2012

Mateo Romero, Tiger Tank, 2010

Mateo Romero, Tiger Tank, 2010


Mateo Romero’s exhibition is loosely based on Standing Rock Sioux theologian and historian Vine Deloria’s idea of neo-tribalism, whereas the artist utilizes existing Indigenous ideologies with new symbols that replace pre-existing ones to create new meanings. Red Meridian incorporates a series of historic Pueblo ideologies, primarily Pueblo dancer figures, juxtaposed with pop like imagery of a post-modern mainstream society. Romero builds upon these existing ethno-cultural structures to create a series of works speaking about the now. He presents his work in a non-didactic fashion, allowing the audience to create a meaning on their own.

About the Artist: MATEO ROMERO was born and raised in Berkeley, California. Although his background is an urban one, through his father Santiago Romero and his connection to their Southern Keresan Cochiti people, this experience includes much of the Rio Grande Pueblo world as well. Romero attended Dartmouth College and studied with acclaimed artists Ben Frank Moss and Varujan Boghosian. He received an M.F.A. in printmaking from the University of New Mexico. He is an award-winning artist who has exhibited internationally in Canada and in the United States.