Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

ROUND UP: Recent Video Work by Torry Mendoza

August 2, 2010- January 2, 2011

Organized by Urban Shaman Inc., Winnipeg, MB

Video artist Torry Mendoza’s work centers on the re-appropriation and deconstruction of Native identity in popular culture. Through digital editing, re-presentations, and satirical juxtapositions, Mendoza challenges dominant society’s portrayal of Native Americans in order to call attention to the accepted perceptions of “Indigeneity.” Taking a cue from the exhibition’s title, Round-Up re-examines a collection of subjects drawn from mass media. Mendoza’s artwork places personas such as the “Crying Indian” (portrayed by Iron Eyes Cody in the famous Keep America Beautiful campaign) within a conceptually centered sociopolitical context.

Essay: Don’t Fence Me In by Ryan Rice