Museum of Contemporary Native Arts


November 18, 2005 – February 12, 2006

“Art work for contemplation…” is what Steven Deo offers the viewer in his installation, Room for Thought. Provocative and risky describes how Steven Deo approaches his art. He uses unconventional materials: (shoe soles, wooden rulers and plastic toys) as part of his visual lexicon to express his personal perspective on socio-global issues of poverty, the ravages of disease and the human condition. “…This modern nuance adds an extra layer of meaning to the work that conventional art media cannot imply. My human experience includes a time of war, social concerns within the Native American community, and societal needs and interactions …the current atmosphere of the world around us.” Each of Deo’s art pieces can stand alone in concept and execution. But they become unified as vehicles for reflection when grouped together in this single installation.

Margaret Archuleta received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History and a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Native American Studies with an emphasis on Federal Indian Law from the University of California at Berkeley. Her Master of Arts Degree is in American Indian Studies from the University of California at Los Angeles