Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

Vision Project Gallery presents: MATTERINGS

August 2, 2010- January 2, 2011

Guest Curator: Michelle McGeough, Institute of American Indian Arts Faculty

Artist Rose B. Simpson’s work in Matterings, curated by Michelle McGeough, inaugurates the MoCNA’s newly formed Vision Project Gallery, a new space dedicated to enhance the Vision Project’s goal of establishing an indigenous arts discourse that reflects the vibrancy and potency of the field at its most current level of activity. Matterings is somewhat documentation of a journey, a journey of an artist’s fears, desires and yearnings. An emerging artist and IAIA alum, Simpson explores the process of creativity and knowledge through the medium of clay, a critical element she was raised with and knows intimately. The clay represents the energy, the life in which we mould ourselves, and how we negotiate and nurture our sense of an evolving self. Matterings is a site-specific installation encompassing time and growth.

Essay: Matterings by Michelle McGeough