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Counting Coup
Counting Coup is a stylized divergence from social conventions, expectations and an opportunity to recall interaction with others by shifting energy and summoning a capacity for appreciation and fearlessness. The exhibition takes into account and unleashes the burden of memory and becomes a bold declaration of indigeneity and assertion of sovereignty and includes works by artists from the United States, Canada and Australia and range in media; sculpture, paintings, ceramics, textiles, photography, installation, film and video, and poetry.Exhibition CatalogueForeword by Patsy Phillips, MoCNA Director

Essays by Ryan Rice, Chief Curator and Jolene Rickard, Guest Essayist
ISBN: 978-0-615-54709-1
Published in 2011 by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
66 pages, softcover
$15.00 plus shipping

Manifestations: New Native Art Criticism is a new publication that expands the practice of cultural criticism for contemporary Native American art. The project highlights the work of sixty contemporary Native artists who have made central contributions to the contemporary Native arts field in the United States and beyond.MoCNA Publication

Edited by Nancy Marie Mithlo
Published in 2011 by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
ISBN: 978-0-615-48904-9
200 pages hardcover, 144 full color reproductions
$40.00 plus shipping

Bob Haozous – indigenous dialogue
Indigenous dialogue is a call to action to Native American Artists, for the purpose of collectively uncovering indigenous ideas and reaffirming values obscured by colonial influences and contemporary forces, both social and economic. This watershed exhibition showcased the impassioned work of New Mexico artist Bob Haozous- an unflinching observer of history, society, and contemporary culture. This exhibition catalogue is an indispensable additional to any library of contemporary American or indigenous art.Exhibition Catalogue

Editors: John Richard Grimes and Joseph M. Sanchez
Forward: John Richard Grimes
Essay: Lucy Lippard
Published in 2005 by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

picture of Bob Haozous Book Cover
Fritz Scholder An Intimate Look
Fritz Scholder An Intimate Look is a journey into the life work of one prolific and passionate artist. This experience of the seven series borrowed from the collections of Lisa Markgraf Scholder and Romona Scholder include: Indians Forever, Roma, Vampir, Possession, Human in Nature, Mystery Women and Millennium.Exhibition Catalogue

by Fritz Scholder (Author),
Joseph M. Sanchez (Editor)
Published 2008 by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
ISBN: 978-1881396-30-4
68 pages, softcover
$1 plus shipping

picture of Fritz Scholder Book Cover
Relations: Indigenous Dialogue
Relations will involve many global indigenous contributors, including established artists Harry Fonseca, Rocky Ka’iouilokahihikolo’ Ehu Jensen, Art Omittuk, Simon Ortiz, Roxanne Swentzel, Alex Janvier, and emerging artists Jacob Fragua III, Sara Ortiz, Rose Simpson, and Micah Wesley which bring together thought provoking essays and dialogues related to the exhibition.Exhibition Catalogue

Joseph M. Sanchez (Editor)
Published 2006 by Institute of American Indian Arts Museum
ISBN: 978-1-881396-27-7
253 pages, softcover
$1 plus shipping

picture of Relations Book Cover
Every Object Has A Story
Thinking About Art from the Museum of Contemporary Native Art

(Grades  K-6)Written and produced by Museum Studies Students of the College of Contemporary Native Arts.

Museum studies students from the Institute of American Indian Arts created and produced Every Ojbect Has A Story: Thinking About Art from the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts as part of their museum education course with Professor Jessie Ryker-Crawford.  This art activity book is an opportunity to introduce young children to the Museum.

The concept of this publication is that Native art objects, and indeed other forms of art, have multiple stories that are associated with them.   Through taking a storytelling approach we are better able to share and provide a learning experience for understanding design, technique, artistic process and interpretation.

The book is divided into three sections: Stories of Everyday Life, Origin Stories and Tribal Values, and Contemporary Legends.  Within each section are three or more images of artwork from the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts collections.  Each piece relates to the topic section with a narrative of the artist and/or artwork, discussion questions for families and an art activity that corresponds to the related topic.

Young Readers Guide
Editors: Marla Redcorn-Miller and Tatiana Lomahaftewa-Singer
Published in 2009 by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
40 pages, softcover
No longer in print

picture of Every Object Has A Story Book Cover
Creativity Is Our Tradition
Three Decades of Contemporary Indian Art at the Institute of American Indian Arts

1992 was an important year for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Not because it was the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Columbus, but because they were in a period of great change, a period when Indian law, Indian government, Indian education, Indian economic development, Indian environmentalism and Indian spirituality are undergoing revitalization and gaining recognition in wider circles of influence. Part of that movement was also the reclamation of their cultural rights to determine who we are for themselves. Art has played a vital role to Indians over the centuries in expressing self-determined identity. 1992 was the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, new Mexico. With the exhibition in this book and the opening of the new IAIA Museum, the role of arts in liberating the Indian spirit and in bringing forth a vision that can drive future generations of Indians is celebrated. IAIA continues to evolve and looks forward to developing a campus in Santa Fe.Collection Catalogue
Author: Rick Hill
Essays: Nancy Marie Mitchell and Lloyd Kiva New
Published 1992 by the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum
175 pages, softcover
No longer in print 
Under the Influence: Iroquois Artists at IAIA (1962-2012)
50/50 Fifty Years, Fifty Artists

Selected works from the artists and the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts collection map 50 years of artistic investigation ignited by the IAIA. Together, as members of the Iroquois Confederacy, a collective history continues to be affirmed and reexamined through symbolism, narrative, color, and form that situate these visual statements in relation to an Iroquois and global worldview. Drawing from a richly expressive, contemporary and traditional vocabulary, the exhibition is comprised of works that convey strong visual declarations of identity, society, tradition, and survival – an artistic stance both initiated and nurtured by the IAIA.Exhibition Catalogue

Editor: Collette Lemmon
Forward: Dr. Robert Martin
Author: Patsy Phillips
Published in 2012 by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
ISBN: 9780-9883913-0-4
116 pages, softcover
$35 plus shipping