Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

Past Exhibitions

Soul Sister: Reimagining Kateri Tekakwitha»

January 15 – March 31, 2011;

Eighteen artists reflect, re-examine and/or critique the phenomenon of Kateri Tekakwitha (Mohawk), prominent “saint” figure among the converted. The exhibition re-imagines Kateri through an Indigenous lens that includes recontextualizing history and the impact of convergence that shifted religion, tradition and cultural practices across North America.

Drawing from the Collection»

January 15 – March 31, 2011;

Drawing from the Collection is a selection of drawings culled from the National Collection of Contemporary Native Arts at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. This arrangement of work captures the wide variety of drawing types and artist styles in the collection.

Dan Lomahaftewa»

January 15 – March 31, 2011;

Puhumuyaw (New Moon) honors and brings together a selection of works by the late Hopi/Choctaw artist Dan Lomahaftewa.

Emergence: John Feodorov»

January 15 – March 31, 2011;

John Feodorov is a conceptual artist whose work addresses contemporary issues of consumerism, the environment, and identity. With Emergence, Feodorov explores the BP oil spill and delves deeper into broader issues concerning our connection and disconnection to the natural world, identity, and place.

Embargo Collective»

January 15 – March 31, 2011;

Each of the artists has an impressive body of work, demonstrating exceptional talent and vision. Each has a different focus in media arts: documentary, fictional narrative and experimental. And each represents a diversity of Indigenous nations. They represent a generation of contemporary media artists who are at the forefront of the changing global landscape of Indigenous cinema and media arts.

Dry Ice»

August 2, 2010 – January 2, 2011;

“Dry Ice” is a term that denotes frozen carbon dioxide, which, when taken out of a frigid environment, rapidly dissolves from a solid form into a gaseous state. In the context of this exhibition, it is meant to evoke the shifting significance of the Alaskan polar landscape in contemporary Alaska Native art.

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