Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

Past Exhibitions

Thicker Than Water»

January 19 – May 12;

Artists: Brenda Croft, Tom Jones, Greg Staats, Anna TsouhlarakisCurated by Nancy Marie Mithlo and Ryan Rice The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts invited four photo/mixed media-based artists   Brenda L. Croft, Tom Jones, Greg Staats and Anna Tsouhlarakis to address the complexities of family, biography, and race that intersect through blood and memory. Portraiture, family […]

Jason Lujan | Summer Burial»

January 19 – May 12;

North Gallery The collected works and ideas behind Summer Burial references Eastern visualities in order to comment on Native American allegories and contemporary realities. Utilizing themes such as portraiture, adaptations of pattern, and historical crossover, the artist appropriates such diverse elements as origami paper patterns, military toys and models, and product packaging. For the solo […]

Nathan Pohio | Spyglass Field Recordings: Santa Fe»

January 19 – March 31 ;

Guest Curator: Megan Tamati-QuennellSouth Gallery Spyglass field Recordings: Santa Fe is a solo exhibition of work by leading contemporary Maori video, photography and installation artist Nathan Pohio. The exhibition title is taken from an ongoing series Pohio continues to develop that refers to instruments used for observation and includes new works he developed during a […]

Tyree Honga | Images of Life»

January 19 – March 31;

Hall Gallery Quadriplegic Hualapai and Paiute artist, Tyree Honga, has created a new portrait series for his exhibition at MoCNA titled, “Images of Life.”  Using mostly Bic pens, Tyree has drawn new portraits of Native leaders and friends, famous individuals Pink and Pi, as well as big game animals from his home country at the […]

Moccasins and Microphones: Modern Storytelling through Performance Poetry»

January 19 – March 31;

 Helen Hardin Media GalleryThe 45 minute video runs continuously throughout the day. Moccasins and Microphones: Modern Native Storytelling through Performance Poetry, a documentary film by Cordillera Productions, explores the fascinating world of a dynamic team of indigenous youth writers from the Santa Fe Indian School (SFIS) in New Mexico. Led by teacher and poet Timothy P. […]

Mateo Romero: Red Meridian»

August 17 - December 31, 2012;

  Mateo Romero’s exhibition is loosely based on Standing Rock Sioux theologian and historian Vine Deloria’s idea of neo-tribalism, whereas the artist utilizes existing Indigenous ideologies with new symbols that replace pre-existing ones to create new meanings. Red Meridian incorporates a series of historic Pueblo ideologies, primarily Pueblo dancer figures, juxtaposed with pop like imagery […]

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