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Artist Frank Buffalo Hyde Celebrates the Beast in Latest MoCNA Exhibition

Santa Fe, NM | Apr 12, 2012 –

Growing up on the Onondaga Reservation in central New York, artist Frank Buffalo Hyde often watched the tribe’s bustling buffalo herd, occasionally helping corral a few of the powerful beasts. He recalls their cycle of life, especially this time when the spring calves are born.

“It has always been a powerful image for me,” said Hyde, son of famed Nez Perce sculptor Doug Hyde, an accolade in the American Indian art world. “It is a reoccurring image in my work.”

Frank Buffalo Hyde
Frank Buffalo Hyde
Buffalo Bill 2012 
The North American bison is now the solo theme of Frank Buffalo Hyde’s latest exhibition, Ladies and Gentleman, This is the Buffalo Show, opening April 14 at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts(MoCNA).

Inspired by the buffalo as an icon, deity, logo, messenger and witness, Hyde explores this powerful symbol of (Native) America in a series of new paintings and mixed media sculptures with a few collaborative surprises. From near extinction at the turn of the last century to a popular beef alternative in this millennium to Buffalo Bill and buffalo wings, Hyde moves from his usual 30-inch base to large portraits on local art store-sponsored 3×5 canvas.

Hyde, an Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) graduate, said he opened his solo show to younger IAIA alumni as a way to support these up and coming artists who once showed their work in a rented storage unit they titled Humble Art Space on Highway 14.

“It’s really important to encourage younger artists to push the boundaries of what contemporary art is,” Hyde said. “Instead of give them lip service, I give them space in a show.”

The opening reception for Ladies and Gentleman, This is the Buffalo Show will be 5-7 p.m. April 13. The exhibition will continue through July 31. For more information about the artist, go to www.frankbuffalohyde.com. For more information about the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, go to www.iaia.edu/museum.

Contact: Ryan Rice, Chief Curator, 505-428-5922 or rrice@iaia.edu