IAIA - Institute of American Indian Arts

Business as Usual Despite Federal Shutdown

Santa Fe, NM | Oct 1, 2013 –

The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) will continue its regular schedule of classes and other business today despite the federal government shutdown.

President Dr. Robert Martin and Chief Financial Officer Lawrence T. Mirabal are ensuring the continuity of operations at IAIA.

“Classes and student support services, e.g., café, computer lab, counseling, tutoring, and financial aid, will continue as usual,” Martin said.

“We are making sure our students are cared for, no matter what takes place in Washington,” Mirabal said.

IAIA is one of three congressionally-chartered colleges in the United States. Although IAIA receives federal funding, IAIA is not a federally-run facility. Its employees are also non-federal employees. IAIA receives other sources of funding, including tuition, state and private grants, as well as donations.                    

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Contact Information

Kim Baca, 505.424.2351 or kbaca@iaia.edu