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KRQE News Features IAIA Freshmen Flight Course

Santa Fe, NM | May 30, 2012 –

KRQE News Channel 13’s helicopter reporter Bob Martin landed on IAIA’s campus recently to feature the freshmen student success course that incorporates flying lessons within the curriculum. If students can learn to fly, they can learn to face all types of challenges throughout college. Below is the beginning of the story and the link to the video from KRQE.com:

 Students' success grounded in flight


Pilot skills apply to navigating campus life

Published : Saturday, 26 May 2012, 12:09 PM MDT 

SANTA FE (KRQE) – Learning how to fly a plane can teach you how to succeed in college. That’s the premise of a program at a small university in New Mexico, and it seems to be working.

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