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Counseling Services

The Counseling Office is located in the Center for Lifelong Education (CLE) building, 1st floor, 4 doors down from the cafeteria. We offer students an accessible, confidential counseling program that includes individual, group, and family/couples counseling. The counselor assists students with adjustment to college life, substance abuse prevention, and interpersonal relationships. Referrals can be made through housing, faculty, family and self-referral.

Whether you call it Counseling, Psychotherapy, Mental Health Consultation, or Therapy – We have the experience to offer many different approaches. Sometimes people perceive the profession of Counseling with high-school bias. We are not like high-school counselors, where more immediate problem-solving drives a quick solution. We take a more in-depth approach, assessing one’s tribal background, cultural worldview, family dynamics, and individual experiences.  We ask our students, “Why not begin with a simple chat and see if we can help?” Sometimes the solution is brief, often it takes a few sessions. Other times, the solution will take longer.

Coming to Counseling does not imply something is wrong with you. It just means you have the maturity to look at yourself and want to make a positive change. We take our ethical guidelines seriously when we say you can trust us, this is confidential.

We can also refer you to a trusted, local Traditional Healer – if need be; either to work in conjunction with us, or as a separate intervention.

We offer:


- About personal problems

- Difficulties with college

- Questions about changes

- Relationships


Mental Health

- Positive self-exploration

- Recognition of long-term patterns

- Treatment for Depression or Anxiety

- Anger management


Addictions Counseling

- Beginning problems

- Drug & Alcohol Abuse

- Recognition of Family problems

- Adult Children of Alcoholics

- Gambling, Sex, Video-Games


Trauma Counseling


- PTSD & past traumas



- Between roommates

- With relationships

- Between students and others


Career Counseling

- Interview & Career testing

- Follow-up consultation

- Online Assessment

- Exploration of possibilities

- Referrals can also be taken from Careers & Scholarships Office

Appointments can be made by contacting:

Greer McSpadden, LISW

Center for Student Life (CSL)
(505) 424-5758


For Immediate Emergencies

Such as Suicidal thoughts

Call 911

Or 1-800-273-TALK   (1-800-273-8255)

Or 1-800-SUICIDE   (1-800-784-2433)



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NOTE: Faculty and Staff wishing to take this special training -  will need an Enrollment Key from the Director of Counseling Services. There is a limited number of trainings, that expires by 11/11/11. (!)